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    Tips To Stay Healthy That Actually Work

    I’ve mentioned it time and time again, being healthy should always be on top of everyone’s priority list. In this day and age, so much advice gets flung at us from so many different directions that it’s hard to be able to tell what exactly we should and shouldn’t do. Here are some tips to help you change your lifestyle  and become more healthy.

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    Say Goodbye To Cellulite With These Tips

    Cellulite: a woman’s worst enemy. It seems that in 2016, we have finally come to a point where women are not being constantly pressured about their weight. There’s still a lot of ‘fat shaming‘ that goes on from trolls with nothing better to do, and most of us would admit that we wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds here and there. But overall, the message of body positivity continues to be shouted loud and clear.

    If you are happy with your current weight, there are ways you can enhance your natural body that don’t involve slimming down – so you can look and feel gorgeous in your own skin. A common complaint among women is the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

    These are both things that affect nearly every grown woman, regardless of weight – yep, even skinny girls get cellulite! But if you would like to minimize the appearance of yours and get smooth glowing skin, take a moment to read the following tips.

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    Look Good This Winter: Four Simple Ways To Feel Great

    Without a doubt, it’s harder to look good over the winter than over the summer. Living in Canada, seasons happen every year and one has to learn how to cope with the changes. Weather can go from being extremely hot to wearing a snowboarding jacket as an alternate winter jacket. Some days you’ll get a week of a downpour of rain and other weeks you’ll have to deal with the temperature dropping in its negatives. Here are some tips to help you look good and feel great through the coldest, darkest months of the year.
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    Pamper Yourself Without Breaking The Bank


    Saving money is something I think we all love to do, but how about being able to pamper yourself without the stress of what’s left in your bank account? It’s so easy to put money aside for the essential things we need in life such as food, but when did we stop making ourselves a priority? I do believe everyone should take the time out of their busy schedules and treat themselves something nice. Whether it’s buying that dress you’ve been eyeing on for months, getting your nails done, going to the salon to try a different hair style or even simply enjoying a nice hot bath with a glass of wine… we tend to neglect spending a little extra on ourselves. But what if you don’t need to spend that extra money? What if there’s ways to save money and still be able to pamper yourself?

    Because there is…

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