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    Look Good This Winter: Four Simple Ways To Feel Great

    Without a doubt, it’s harder to look good over the winter than over the summer. Living in Canada, seasons happen every year and one has to learn how to cope with the changes. Weather can go from being extremely hot to wearing a snowboarding jacket as an alternate winter jacket. Some days you’ll get a week of a downpour of rain and other weeks you’ll have to deal with the temperature dropping in its negatives. Here are some tips to help you look good and feel great through the coldest, darkest months of the year.
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    Pamper Yourself Without Breaking The Bank


    Saving money is something I think we all love to do, but how about being able to pamper yourself without the stress of what’s left in your bank account? It’s so easy to put money aside for the essential things we need in life such as food, but when did we stop making ourselves a priority? I do believe everyone should take the time out of their busy schedules and treat themselves something nice. Whether it’s buying that dress you’ve been eyeing on for months, getting your nails done, going to the salon to try a different hair style or even simply enjoying a nice hot bath with a glass of wine… we tend to neglect spending a little extra on ourselves. But what if you don’t need to spend that extra money? What if there’s ways to save money and still be able to pamper yourself?

    Because there is…

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    Updating Your Wardrobe This Fall Without Breaking The Bank

    Once again, we’re at the start of a new season. This means that now is the time to go through your wardrobe to see what you’ve already got and what you need to invest in to stay on trend this season. Although fashion changes constantly, they don’t tend to change dramatically from year to year. This means there’s no reason not to wear your clothes from last fall. Replacing your entire wardrobe can be costly, which if you’re on a tight budget can be a bit of an issue. However, it doesn’t have to be overly expensive to update your wardrobe. Below are some tips and suggestions for making your fall wardrobe update a little more budget friendly.

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    Hair And Beauty: When Should We Spend And When Should We Save?

    In 2016, we have more beauty products and makeup available to us than ever before. Whether you’re into brands or just drugstore items, there seems to be a product designed to solve a problem we didn’t even know we had! For example, highlighter is now a relatively normal part of many women’s beauty routines. A year ago, barely anyone even knew what it was. This is the power of the industry. Unfortunately, as the beauty business grows, so do the prices. Even drugstore beauty products can now set you back a fair amount of money. However, you may have had a bad experience where you scrimped on a product and it turned out to be really bad. Take a look at the list below for items it’s worth spending a little more on, and where you can save your pennies.

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