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    How To Look Incredible This Holiday Season

    Over the holiday season, there’s a lot of pressure to get things done. Buying gifts, seeing all your friends and family, cooking a lot of Christmas food – and of course, chances are you’ll have a lot of parties to attend! And you probably feel like you’d like to look your best at them. Here are four top tips on how to look good this winter.

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    Why You Should Go To Vancouver Any Time Of The Year + Giveaway

    Vancouver will always be my home. 3 years ago I left in hopes to achieve personal and professional growth but every now and then I find myself looking for the cheapest deals to fly back to where I grew up. There’s so many reasons why I’ll always love Vancouver. Whether it be for the food, the experience of all 4 seasons, being close to a large body of water and of course, my friends. Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, there will always be something to do and something to see – so let me tell you why.

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    How To Throw a Memorable Bridal Shower

    There comes a time where everyone realizes they’ve grown up once you start attending to your own friends bridal shower, wedding and baby showers. Who would’ve thought time would go by so fast hey? August 13th was the day I was to throw one of my good friend’s her first and final Bridal & Bachelorette party. With the help of some friends and shops I was able to make my vision come alive! I’ve personally never hosted a Bridal & Bachelorette party but I love planning events and watching it all unfold infront of me.

    Being OCD that I am, I preplanned everything in my notebook and in my head over 6 months in advance. You can never be too prepared right? I decided to theme it a gold & black affair. Everyone was to wear black and/or gold leaving the bride-to-be to wear white. I had a friend take her and her son out for lunch. Originally she thought she was going to be taken to her bridal party but then she realized something was up when she was only going to a restaurant.

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    Spotlight Sundays: Pink Panda’s Prints

    Every month I want to be able to showcase one amazing blogger and/or business owner on Confessions of a Scorpio. Being a new blogger, the art of networking with the people in the community is one of the biggest skills to have in order to be successful. I’ve realized how much hard work simply being a blogger is that I am in amazement of fellow bloggers and business owners from their start-up to where they are now. It drives nothing but motivation and inspiration to push forward to be successful as a writer.

    Having said that, I’m pleased to announce my first ‘Spotlight Sundays’ story with you today! I’ve recently teamed up with Amanda, owner of Pink Panda’s Prints to do an exclusive meet and greet about her and her shop. I first took notice of her shop on Instagram by her colorful prints and her shop name. Pink Panda’s Prints is a customized print shop located in Ontario, Canada. With around 400 sales and all 5 star reviews I was lucky enough to grab some time with Amanda for collaboration. Make sure you take the time to check out her shop! With prints ranging from $12-$20 CND, it’s definitely worth the visit.

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