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    11 Tips To Ensure You Look Great While Traveling

    The photographs from a holiday last a lifetime. But they can easily be ruined if we experience a wardrobe malfunction while we are away. We will forever have to look at ourselves on Facebook wearing the wrong clothes even if we know that we have a great time. So what can be done about it?

    Here we’re going to investigate some tips from the experts on what to wear on vacation to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Some of what follows are practical advice, especially if you’re going to be on foot a lot. Other pieces of their advice are purely cosmetic and concerned with the way you look.

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    My Top 3 Go-To Fashion Items

    Fashionable items that most of us have to save up to buy, we expect to last us a lifetime (well almost). I’m not the type to call myself a ‘fashionista’ however, I do prefer having my own sense of style.

    I enjoy being comfy with a little of my personality showing through my style. As most people know, I love to dress down. I’m not a girly-girl persay- but I do have my moments.

    When I’m not busy wearing my marvel tshirts or lounging around in my Jordans, I’ll have times where I’ll feel like taking out heels out for the day (or night) and wearing the dress that I adore.

    But there are some items that I absolutely love whether I’m dressed down or dressed glamorous.

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    Can Wearing Jewelry Be Bad For you?

    I don’t know about you but, I love accessorizing myself with jewelry. Remember when you were a little girl and you used to go poking through your mom’s jewelry box? You’d try on rings, even the stones would dwarf your tiny fingers, necklaces, and bracelets all without a care in the world.

    However, jewelry is produced completely differently now to say back in the 60s, and if you’re finding your skin’s red, itchy or even green after prolonged wearing of certain items then it might be time to consign those much-loved pieces to the back of the cupboard.

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    Don’t Just Take A Plane, Travel In Style

    Traveling is a passion for some, and a simple getaway break for others. Whether you are an avid traveler or an occasional tourist, it is essential that you stay away from the sempiternal tourist gear: Bermudas, light shirt and a baseball cap. A girl has to have some style, even when she’s traveling to the other side of the globe. So, here a little guide to shine like an elegant lady when you’re on the road.

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    These Destinations Were Made For Fashion Lovers

    If you can tell your Lagerfeld from your Louboutins, follow all the biggest and best fashion bloggers on Twitter and can put together an amazing OOTD, or outfit of the day in just a few minutes then this trip is for you. These respective cities are famous not just for their art, culture, and histories but of course their sartorial claims to fame.

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    3 Reasons To Get A Tattoo

    Yes, there’s a huge stigma surrounding tattoos. If you’re ever expressed any interest in getting one, I’m sure you’ve been met by backlash, eye-rolls, huffs or simply looks of genuine disapproval from someone. Of course, this is all completely ridiculous. Aside from the obvious fact that your body should be yours to do with as you please (and it seems a little strange that we’re all so concerned with how everyone else looks anyway), tattoos are a form of art.

    Thankfully, as of late, people have become more accepting in tattoos; for the most part, at least. Employers are still rather divided and varied on the subject, meaning that the majority of people place tattoos in areas concealed by their work clothes.

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