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    Glenny Mcfatty: Three Amazing Dishes Using Grass Fed Tallow (Paleo)

    Tallow, or rendered animal fat, is the talk of the dinner table once again thanks to a rise in tallow products, dedicated paleo diet followers and those embracing the retro aspect of cooking. Long before commercial butter, spreads, and oil sprays there was only one option! Make your own fat out of pork, beef and even duck. The process is messy, time-consuming and not exactly pleasant but the results are worth it as food appears richer, meatier and tastier.

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    Why coming to San Diego’s The Crack Shack won’t disappoint you.

    The Crack Shack is located in downtown San Diego right next to Juniper & Ivy. Parking can be a little tough depending when you decide to go, but they do offer valet parking. This “outdoor coop” is definitely a unique representation of an outdoor restaurant. As a Canadian, we don’t see very much of these types of places nor do we allow pets in a food place. It didn’t really occur to me why this eatery was designed the way it was until I looked a little further into the background of The Crack Shack.

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    Glenny McFatty: Infused Water

    One of the things that I always fail to do is, drink more water. I’ll be honest, it’s an easy task to do but for some reason I can’t seem to drink the recommended amount of water day. I know it’s been 3 months since the new year, but it’s never too late to start making changes to your life, right?

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