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Long Distance Relationships

    4 Things People Get Wrong About Long Distance Relationships

    I’m seeing more and more people being in long distance relationships and I can’t help but wonder, if more people are choosing to date someone residing in another country why are people still so negative about it? Romance between two people starts off as a gamble with fate with a mixture of fireworks like the 4th of July and as days goes by, feelings tend to get stronger and eventually talks of ‘happily ever after’ comes to the surface. So then I ask, how is this any different if the romance is generated from afar or near? Being in both a failed long distance relationship and currently in a successful one, here are 4 things people get wrong about long distance relationships:

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    Epic Disneyland Tips for Adults

    Ariel has always been my favorite Disney character and as I child (like most of us) growing up to Disney movies, Disneyland was one of my dream vacations. Years down the road, it finally became a reality and took a family trip to our first visit to Disneyland in California. As far as I remembered, it was magical.

    Fast-forward 20 years later, I still look at Disneyland as a magical place and still hits home whenever I spot the characters roaming around the area. However, this time around, I’m not relying on my parents to pack my belongings and plan the itinerary for the trip!

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    4 tips to make Long Distance work in friendships

    Long distance: both tough but manageable. As I mentioned before, romance was not the only thing I had to learn to balance my time but I also had to keep my own friends close regardless of the distance. It’s a struggle for sure, but at the end of the day, it’s manageable and worth it. Here’s some tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to juggle multiple area codes:

    Reading between the lines

    Technology can both be our best friend or worst enemy. It’s 2016 and it’s getting easier and easier to provide simple communication across the globe. Having said that, be mindful of how you read or even shoot out your text messages. It’s easy to misinterpret someone’s sense of humour for a rude comment. Last thing you want to do is blowing up each other’s phone and burning bridges over a simple text.

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    Something Small, Something Meaningful

    I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t the type of person to celebrate Valentine’s Day and although that it’s true, I still shipped J a little something meaningful for the occasion. We both agreed that we wouldn’t be sending each other gifts or celebrating the holiday however, we did end up spending the day in burrito mode and watching Durarara!! (If you love anime just as much as I do, I would recommend watching this series. Every episode is filled with fantasy and mind boggling stories) together. And when I say together… that means, we’ll both be on the phone trying to sync the streaming episode. Ah, the perks of being in a long distance relationship right? A week before Valentine’s I was going through my arts & crafts bin and decided to create something small for him. I got the ideas from Pinterest a while ago and put my own twist to it to make it more personalized.

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    Why Everyone Should Create an Open When Gift

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’m not the type to go out and celebrate the day with a romantic dinner and being in a relationship won’t change that. I do believe in always celebrating and appreciating the person you’re with regardless of what holiday it is. Having said that, I wanted to share with you the Christmas gift that lasted more than just one day that I sent to J.

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    It’s not meant to be easy

    Anyone who knows me knows how much I need my space and time alone. Surprisingly, I don’t show much emotions as I’m heavily guarded and I’m not much of a fan of expressing my feelings or showing affection. My friends can easily say I act like a guy when it comes to the opposite sex. Don’t misunderstand, although I may act cold hearted I am not completely without emotion. In all honestly, I was never like this to begin with. After many failed relationships I ended up moulding myself to be who I am now. I used to be the hopeless romantic believing in fairy tale endings to someone who refuses to wait for a prince charming to save the day. Why should I when I can save myself, right? I think that’s why for me, being in a long distance relationship works best based on my needs and personality. Having said all this you’re probably wondering why and how I ended up being in a relationship in the first place? Easy. Because I couldn’t just pass up being with someone who makes me happy.

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