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    5 Simple ways To Learn To Love Your Body

    ** Disclosure: Swimsuit was generously sponsored by Lime Ricki Swimwear but the content and opinion expressed are of my own.

    Not too long ago, I wrote a more personal blog post about body positivity and the struggles I faced as a woman who’s been body shamed. Not only by society but also by family. It took a while for me to overcome my fears of even wearing a sleeveless shirt, let alone be able to walk around in a swimsuit.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still self-conscious but I have created myself 5 ways to learn to love my body the way it is now to help me overcome any negative thoughts I may encounter in my day-to-day life.

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    Simple Guide On How To Be Comfy Yet, Fashionable

    You can often spend your entire life trying to define your sense of style and still never feeling comfortable with it. When that’s the case, you’re often left feeling like you have no signature style at all. Sometimes, part of the problem is the pressure that you put on yourself. Whether you’re looking at what other people wear, or just going by what you wish you were, the pressure to get it right can be the most difficult of all.

    And when it comes to pressure, we always seem to think we have to look put together, otherwise, we’re not fashionable. But that’s simply not the case. In fact, casual fashion can look so striking. You may even have looked at other women that rock a casual sense of style and wonder how they do it. Well, all you need to do is know what kind of occasions call for what kind of fashion.

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    Why Fashion Shouldn’t Be About Your Body Size + Giveaway

    So you’re not a size 0, now what?

    Over time and time again, the media has depicted the term ‘beauty’ in that if you don’t fit the ideals of what is considered thin then you’re not considered attractive. I want to start off by stating that I don’t put myself on a strict diet and I love food – as most of us do – but I do watch what I eat and it took me a long time to just simply accept the body that I have. Yes, there are times where I am still self-conscious but I try real hard not to bring me down nor allow myself not to find my sense of style. We’re only human right?

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    11 Tips To Ensure You Look Great While Traveling

    The photographs from a holiday last a lifetime. But they can easily be ruined if we experience a wardrobe malfunction while we are away. We will forever have to look at ourselves on Facebook wearing the wrong clothes even if we know that we have a great time. So what can be done about it?

    Here we’re going to investigate some tips from the experts on what to wear on vacation to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Some of what follows are practical advice, especially if you’re going to be on foot a lot. Other pieces of their advice are purely cosmetic and concerned with the way you look.

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    My Top 3 Go-To Fashion Items

    Fashionable items that most of us have to save up to buy, we expect to last us a lifetime (well almost). I’m not the type to call myself a ‘fashionista’ however, I do prefer having my own sense of style.

    I enjoy being comfy with a little of my personality showing through my style. As most people know, I love to dress down. I’m not a girly-girl persay- but I do have my moments.

    When I’m not busy wearing my marvel tshirts or lounging around in my Jordans, I’ll have times where I’ll feel like taking out heels out for the day (or night) and wearing the dress that I adore.

    But there are some items that I absolutely love whether I’m dressed down or dressed glamorous.

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