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    Spoil Yourself With Fine Dining at Ernest’s

    *Disclosure: I was invited to dine at Ernest’s Dining Room. Views expressed in this post are solely mine. I will always provide my 100% honest and transparent opinion, the complimentary dinner did not impact my feedback.

    Since the 1960s, NAIT’s dining room has been a huge part of the Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies. This allowed the 2nd year students to have hands-on experience in crafting delicious food and providing top quality experience. In 2005, it was renovated to provide a more modern feel while still holding on to its quality. 

    This is when the dining room was renamed to Ernest’s.

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    Basic Travel Tips For The Wanderlust In You

    For many of us, going away on vacation simply means traveling to a country on the same continent. This kind of “local” travel is very easy to organize, and you won’t have quite as much extra prep to sort out before you leave.

    However, if you are feeling quite adventurous and decide to head to a destination on a different continent, there is quite a bit of extra planning that you need to consider before you leave home.

    All of this is absolutely necessary as it will keep you safe when traveling. Here are some tips to help you organize your cross-continent trip.

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    Learn To Stay Safe While Traveling The World

    The virtues of traveling speak for themselves, and yet lots of people do not seem to have a desire to see the world. For instance, it is estimated that only about 46% of Americans have a passport. The United States of America is like a continent in so far as it has so many different climates and several time zones.

    You could spend a lifetime just traveling around the US and still feel as if you hadn’t seen everything it has to offer. Its cultural heritage can be gauged in a comparison between cities like Manchester in New Hampshire which betrays America’s colonial history to Los Angeles in California which demonstrates the influence of an entirely different culture.

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    A Quick Trip To Ice Castles in Edmonton

    Spring may have taken into effect for most of us but in Edmonton, we are known as Winter City. Having said this, a lot of people underestimate the local shindigs that this city has to offer. Regardless of the season. Back in February – when it was a lot colder – J and I decided to give Ice Castles a go!

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    Why Europe Is A Great Place For Adventures

    It’s no secret that Europe is one of the world’s most exciting destinations to visit. This is a continent that’s more or less the same as the United States, but one that is divided into dozens of countries, each with their distinct culture and attractions.

    Needless to say, a trip to Europe will never be boring. But if you’ve never been before, where do you start? Let me give you 5 of the best places in Europe to visit for those who want an overview of what the continent is all about.

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    Preparing Yourself For Post And Pre Vacation

    Nothing is better for uplifting your spirits than a summer vacation. And, nothing is worse for dampening them than returning home.

    Chances are, you’ve booked your time away and are making preparations already. In many ways, the lead up is the best thing. We rush out to buy bikinis, sun hats, and all the rest. Who wants to think about returning home at that stage? No one. Thinking about what you’ll do when you get back is a sure way to lessen the blow. It’ll also ensure you have everything you need.

    But, what could you possibly need after your vacation? Here are a few things worth considering.

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