Virtual Assistant

Confessions of a Scorpio has expanded its door into the world of Virtual Assistants specializing in Social Media Networking and Graphic Design.

Being a Virtual Assistant was something I never considered I could be. However, walking into the blogging community and networking with a lot of great people I’ve realized this is something I’m personally passionate about and is already doing services for my own friends (for free!).

If there’s one thing that being a blogger and an influencer has taught me…

it’s that, there’s never enough time to get anything done. My profession is to help you create your dreams into a reality. I put your goals into action and create a strategic plan to help you capture the audience you deserve. Whether you’re looking to spare that extra time to be with your family or enjoy a glass of wine watching Netflix, I am that extra hand to create and personalize your digital presence. Whatever the need is, I will make it work. I will help you define your brand’s personality whether it be through content management or through the visual arts, I will capture your audience on a more personal level. My role is to help you get your brand on the right path while you can focus on growing your business. That is my promise.

What I do:

✔ Brand Identity & Consultation
✔ Graphic Design
✔ Blog & Social Media Management
✔ Email filtering

✔ Newsletters
✔ Administration Tasks
✔  Content Brainstorming
✔  SEO Optimization & Editing
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Interested? For my readers I offer this limited intro package!
$197/month – 8 hours
Hop on a call with me now for a free 15 min one on one


*All clients will be asked to sign a contract outlining services provided by the virtual assistant. Clients will be required to make a payment upfront before any services will be preformed. Payments can be made via Paypal or Cheque*